Episode 1

Published on:

6th Oct 2020

Episode 1: Not Your Normal Family Business

Rookie takes over the family business following an unexpected loss. Now he has to learn how to navigate the fast paced lifestyle that comes with running a secret government agency dedicated to covering up political scandals. Just your typical, normal family business, right?

Show artwork for Propaganda!

About the Podcast

The Podcast Musical

Rookie doesn't know much about his family business--but then again neither does the American Public. Nevertheless, he is tasked with suddenly leading the secret government agency in charge of covering up all political scandals, and his first assignment is the biggest scandal since watergate! With a clever idea, Rookie must come into his own and fight off the evil Agent X in order to save the bureau and protect the country from ruin! With a score teeming with energetic pop and jazzy elements, brought to life by a Tony Award winning - star studded cast, Propaganda the Podcast Musical is the antidote we need now.

Rookie - Dale Sampson
Tary - Katie Rose Clarke
Agent X - Christina Sajous
Barbara Joblove - Karen Ziemba
Nicky - Jackie Hoffman
Grandpa - Austin Pendleton
Bonnie - Betsy Wolfe
Ted - Kyle McIntire

Number 1 - Rodney Ingram
Number 2 - Jillian Jarrett
Number 3 - Shaun Repetto
Beth and Belinda - Mary Joanna Grisso
British Grandpa - Mark Ferrera
Newscasters - Mark Ferrera, John Pelkey, Tyson Kelly and Taylor Ferrera
Wellington - Rodney Ingram
Ensemble Singers - Miranda Gelch, David Rowen, Brit West
Trailer Narration - Matthew Hsing

Drums - Uri Zelig
Guitar - Tomer Rabinowitz
Bass Guitar - Yoni Marianer
Piano - Assaf Gleizner

Written by Taylor Ferrera and Matt Webster
Directed by Nathan Brewer
Orchestrations and Musical Direction by Assaf Gleizer
Assistant Musical Director - Kevin Lynch
Musical Mixing - Neil Candelora
Editing and Sound Design - Levi Sharpe
Assistant Audio Editing and Narration - Cadence Hira
Production Intern - Camryn Bolkin

Produced by David Treatman Creative
Associate Produced by - Nicole and Ethan Steimel
Associate Produced by - Melissa Edelblum